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G-MEA is standing for “General Medical Workshop Association Middle East & Africa”

G-MEA is a new active medical organization, connecting Gastroenterologist from the Middle East and Africa to their European colleagues in giving them the possibility to share knowledge, experiences, ideas and facts.

G-MEA stands for the idea of international knowledge exchange based on practical trials, hands on workshops organized on animal specimens and E-Learning concept via becoming a member.

The G-MEA educational initiative includes, training centers in different countries, train the trainers Workshops, Outreach Programs bringing endoscopic services and equipment to developing countries, Blog and Forum discussions, public awareness campaigns and global guidelines with a special cascade feature providing solutions adaptable to varying resource levels around the region.

In addition to that, G-MEA helps offering different scholarships in leading gastroenterological clinics and university hospitals in Germany. G-MEA is dedicated to raising funds to support G-MEA educational programs and activities. Donors interested in supporting the work of G-MEA are invited to contact us.

Furthermore we facilitate the linking of academics and practical experience and get involved there where the novel technique of Gastroenterology becomes a relevant topic.

By now our Headquarter and G-MEA Training Centre are located in Lebanon. Also in Egypt and Germany we do have local partners, enabling us to provide training facilities.

G-MEA is acting as an independent, apolitical, professional organization which seeks to advance the cause of physicians and medicine in the Middle East and African area.





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September 21st Laparoscopic Workshop for Bariatric Surgery

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September 10th Advanced GI Hands-on Workshop

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